Everyone has their own definition of what home means to them. Even advertisers use it to describe why you should choose their product. I often wonder about what home means to me.

Home is being able to write what I want when I want

Home is having my own space

Home is being excited when I do not have to leave

Home is loving who I am when I am in it

Home is being excited to invite friends over for tea

Home is being able to afford tea

Home…home makes me laugh and cry and feel everything in between

Home is complicated for me.

So today is one of those days when I am thinking about home. Maybe it is the holiday season. I have never been one for the holidays but lately it is my favorite time of the year. I use it as an excuse to buy myself certain things that I’ve been ogling all year.

Home is wrapping myself gifts and waiting to unwrap them on Christmas day

Home is being happy and surprised when I unwrap my gifts

Home is joy, home is peace, home is love

I have already planned the meals I will be having this Christmas. Did I mention that I will be spending Christmas by myself. Do not feel bad for me, I rather enjoy the notion of a solo Christmas. I get to make my own traditions.

Home is being happy at Christmas

Home is starting my own traditions

Home is sleeping and eating and making calls

Home is calling home and wishing my family A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS

Home is having peace. and looking forward to the New Year.

Home is ME


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