Another sleepless night. This time I did not even have a nightmare that woke me up so I have no excuse. I just do not have sleep.

Times like this, I do not waste the time hating the fact that everyone else is enjoying a peaceful rest and I can’t. Tossing and turning just messes up my bed. Picking my phone and checking social media is the worst. That just keeps me awake longer and again, wastes my awake time. So instead, I get out of bed and make a cup of tea and head to my work station to create magic.

Today the magic has refused.

I will write a letter to Santa instead. I know as an adult there is no real Santa but because I need a Christmas miracle, I want to think that my Santa is God or the Universe and they will hear my prayer and desire this Christmas. Growing up we didn’t have Santa. We didn’t have presents but we did have family all around and I know that is what Christmas is supposed to be but right now I need a miracle. So I need Santa to show up.

You must be dying to know what I’d like from him.

I am waiting on news.

I know that sounds very vague. I do not expect anyone who reads this to be my Santa or maybe you are. Come down my chimney and lets talk. Gosh that sounded a bit uncouth but you know what I mean. I guess I am not confident enough to write my wish list on my blog. Just a hint though, it has everything to do with my works. So it is quite specific.

I have written my letter to Santa in my journal and sealed it in a prayer. This is the week of miracles, right? All I can do is stay positive and hope that Santa can hear me.

In the mean time , imma look out the window at Mr. Ghost. He is swaying vigorously like like he has some place to be but is held down by the wires that are his bones.


I am thinking about space. My own space. I need my own space.

I know this article is not as interesting as you would have wanted. I’m sorry. I guess I needed someone to talk to. Or rather someone to listen – by reading my thoughts.

I have work to do. Or rather unfinished work to complete and polish. I just do not have the energy. Also a part of me just wants to rest. I have had a long year and I have worked long and hard. Maybe this is why I’d like it to end with a miracle. Something to look forward to in the New Year.


It is so cold right now. I am bundled up so much that I look like a human blanket and I’m still not warm. Maybe that explains why I feel the way that I do.

Santa, I guess I need you to help me get through this day.


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