Mr. Ghost

I want to stop looking but I cannot. There is this ghost outside my window in the front of the apartment across the street. He just keeps swaying in the wind looking at me dead in the eye. Yoh, even when I am not looking he is still looking at me. Maybe he wants the tell me something? He is quite a sight to behold.

Let me explain properly.

He was put up during Halloween and he has never been taken down. It is almost Christmas by the way. I do not mind that he is up. I mean why wouldn’t he be? He really is quite a specimen. Almost everyone who walks past him for the first time takes a picture and a selfie with him. He is made out of light cloth and he is grey. During Halloween he used to have colored lights in his face. I guess the electric bill was not forgiving so after Halloween, those came off. He was surrounded by a lovely bed of graves and cobwebs but those were removed too. I like him. He is so huge, and seriously always looking through my work table window at me.

I like that someone is watching me as I write. Almost edging me on. Sometimes we spend countless minutes just staring at each other. No words spoken. He gets me. I think he is an introvert like me. We get each other. Rain or shine he is there with me. I will be sad when his life comes to an end. Or is it when his death comes to an end? Ah, whatever it is, I will be sad when he is taken down.

Alright, gotta go now. Mr. Ghost has reminded me that I have work to do.


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